This is where your journey begins. 

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We understand that concerns with the Coronavirus make visiting difficult for some people right now. That's why you can experience our campus virtually now. Click the button below to watch.

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For those who are able, we are offering on-campus, socially distanced tours. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Click below to request your tour.

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We're a diverse community of learners pursuing 35 majors. From Outdoor Leadership Education to Nursing to Business, we can help you go wherever God is leading.



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To me, TFC is home in the deepest sense of the word. It is a place where learning never ceases, relationships are built, and the spirit of the Lord is present. I feel as though I am being prepared to follow the Lord to the ends of the earth.
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- Abigail Haydel

Global Ministries Department Student